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The Craftsmanship And Use Of Glass Bong

Sep. 01, 2021

Thick Beaker Bong

Thick Beaker Bong

The shape of Glass Bong

The Glass Bong used to have a very simple shape, with a body and a spout. The appearance was similar to that of a teapot. However, with the demand for aesthetics and the development and use of old things, Glass Bong has gradually become more complicated. Many pots have taken on various shapes. Anything that people see can be used as a body, such as the shape of an animal body, the shape of a building, the shape of vegetables, the shape of various objects, and so on. Any shape that can be made from glass can be used to produce a glass hookah.

Filtration System

It has a complex filtration system. Today's filtration systems can filter out many harmful substances, leaving the hookah in its original state and in its original condition. A good filtration system can minimize harm to the human body. This is also stipulated by the market and needs to be strictly observed by each company, no one can violate this rule. The relevant departments will regularly and randomly select the products on sale in the market for testing. If the product is found to be substandard, the relevant companies will be ordered to rectify or sell such products only. The production process in this industry is very strictly regulated.

Glass Bong how to use

1, First fill the water bottle with water. Flooding through the filter copper tube a finger, the water level should not be too high.

2, The upper set of a small filter copper tube inserted into the water bottle tightened.

3, The top of the bottle is set on the dish, and then set the smoke slot (note that the interface location has a rubber ring, keep sealed). Then put in the tobacco (according to the amount you use, a little into the tobacco, so that the tobacco becomes fluffy state).

4, Use a small piece of tinfoil to wrap the entire smoke slot with tobacco and tie some small holes in it. Put the burnt charcoal on top of the tinfoil with the holes tied, insert the smoking pipe (note that there is a rubber ring at the interface to keep it sealed), and start smoking. You can hear the ‘gurgling’ sound of water and the smoke gently wafting out of your mouth.

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