Classic Beaker Bongs

Classic Beaker Bongs

The beaker style smoke bongs comes from the laboratory equipment. In the form of a beaker, the experiment carried out in the beaker is different from the experiment in the laboratory, in which you can put forward the theory of life and beyond.

The Advantages of Beaker Bongs

Stable & Strong Structure

The large base of the beaker gives it greater stability. Compared to many other styles of bongs, the base of the beaker is more solid, meaning it can withstand your waving arms or elbows, so spillage can be avoided and less cleanup work is required. Beaker bongs are ideal for everyday use due to the great experience they brought.

Better Hit & Pull

It's a great way to enhance your taste of herbs or tobacco with beaker bongs. The simple reason is that the beaker bongs have wider and larger bases to hold great amounts of smoke, which leads to larger and grander hits.

Better Cooling

The principle of using the beaker is similar to the ordinary water bongs. Put tobacco or herbs into the bowl, light it up, and then inhale through the mouthpiece of the beaker. You will enjoy a smoother and cooler hit which was already peculated and cooled by the water in the chamber.

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