Classic Straight Tubes

Classic Straight Tubes

The straight tube water bong is a simplistic style of glass bongs featuring a straight tube to function effectively and efficiently at the same time. The design of the straight tube bong aims at providing its owner smooth smoking experience.

The Advantages of Straight Bong

Easy to pull- You don't have to work very hard to smoke. It’s pretty easy to pull that brings comfort to smokers.

Easy to pass around - Straight tubes generally come in a large size and shape. They can be held with one or both hands, being passed around at a party, and shared with your friends.

The straight base requires less water and can be hit more directly

Table stable - The wide base makes it more stable and less likely to be knocked down from the table. It’s also important that you could add features like a big bowl or an ash catcher when you want to.

How Does a Straight Bong Work?

Just like the normal smoking water bongs, you could inhale through the mouthpiece. You will see smoke accumulate at the bottom and start to rise through the neck. Breathe at your own pace and watch the bubbles magically filtering out the smoke before hitting the target. If you want to hit hard, you can remove the glass bowl as soon as the smoke is sufficiently concentrated at the bottom but there is a big chance you may cough for the next few minutes!

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