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Glass Bong Bowls

The bong bowl or the bong slide, is a very important accessory that you should always have in your kit. Bong Bowls are an important piece of every bong. These pieces lie within the joint of your water pipe & hold all the precious herbs and tobacco. 

Bowls are an essential piece of every bong. If you really want a great smoking experience, you gotta use a bong or a water pipe. 

Here, we have bowls and domes that come in a variety of sizes. Smoking through a 9mm bong slide, a 10mm, a 14mm glass bowl, an 18mm one, or a 19mm bowl. As the master of your toke session, you have the freedom to decide how much grass you'll be burning when you hit it up. We have a range of replacement bowls for your bong right here! They come in all shapes and sizes to make sure you can get the right one that fits yours! Don't forget to check the size of your stem to make sure you get the right bowl that fits.

Are you a bit clumsy? Then get replacement bowl and slides from us!

We also have decorative bowls that you can use to jazz up and customize your bong. Our products are made out of hard, and heat resistant borosilicate glass,  so it is durable and easy to use?

Whether you’ve looking for a spare or simply want to upgrade your bowl you’re in good hands here, we have a huge range of bowls! Browse our whole range of bowls here or use the filters on the side to narrow your search down to the right size, diameter or colour. 

Contact us, you're getting top-notch items from us!

In addition to our range of bong bowls, we also stock a great range of glass bongs, bong downpipes, novelty bongs, novelty bong pipes, bong cleaning kits, silicone bongs and silicone smoking pipes.

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