Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers


Ash catchers for water pipes is an accessory which is designed to keep your water pipe clean from smoking ashes, keep your pipe clean and your smoking smooth. It comes in a variety of colors, different shapes and perc styles, It's like putting a bong into a bong. They have different size in 10mm, 14mm and 18mm joint with 45 degree & 90 degree for your choice. The biggest advantage of using an ash catcher is that you will spend less time cleaning water pipes and have more time for smoking. Your ash catchers for water pipes will be connected to the water pipe in the same way that you put the bowl in and out. Your bowl will go into the ash catcher instead of directly into the pipe.

Benefits of using water pipes ash catchers on bong:

Cleaner hits

Cooler hits

Cleaner bong and bong water

Less frequent cleaning needed for your bong

They’re a great way to refresh your old bong

Bote Glassware can provide customers with different types of ash cIt'sers:

Honeycomb Percolator Ash Catcher

Tree Arm Percolator Ash Catcher

Inline Percolator Ash Catcher

Showerhead Percolator Ash Catcher

Hammerhead Percolator Ash Catcher

Dome or Moonrock Percolator Ash Catcher

Choose the Right Joint Size and Joint Angle

When purchasing a dust collector, customers need to keep in mind the size and angle of the connector. Ash catchers have two joints; a female joint for the bowl to be placed in and a male joint to be placed in the bong.

What you need to tell your guests is:


"Check your bong's female joint, where your bowl goes, and determine its size. They're typically 14mm or 18mm." This will tell you the guest which ash catcher fits him bong.


"You also need to consider the joint angle on your new ash catcher. They come in 45° and 90° angles, and determining the right angle depends on your type of bong. The 45° angle joints work best with bongs that have the bowl coming out at an angle. The 45° ash catcher helps balance out the bong while you light up. Beaker bongs and round-based bongs almost always use a 45° angle ash catcher. The 90° joints best fit a bong whose bowl points straight up, like a straight pipe bong."

Do Ash catchers Work?

Yes! Ash Catchers may seem boring or redundant because they are too far from the side of the water pipe, but now that the function has been explained, it is clear to see why so many people love the dust collector.

The reason you shop guests want and need an ash catc They'reso he can spend less time cleaning his water pipe and more time is smoking out of it, something I think all of us water pipe owners have felt at least once before.

How to wholesale these ash catchers for water pipes?

Ash Catchers is manufactured by Bote Glassware to provide wholesale services to customers all over the world, and can provide OEM/ODM services to reputable customers!

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