Percolator Bongs

Percolator Bongs

Located on the bong tube or base, the percolator is a small glass fixture through which water flows to form a filter. Percolators may seem complicated, but they actually make hitting your bongs easier.

The Advantages of Percolator Bongs

There is no doubt that percolators are good at cooling down the smoke. The main purpose of the clever device is to facilitate the inhalation of smoke.

It would be great to have a percolator bong in your collection. It brings out smoother and fresher smoke sessions, making it much more pleasant.

Types of Percolator Bongs

Tree Perc

It's extremely easy to recognized by its tree structure which consists of a number of slotted arms and connected at the top. Air rises from the bottom and is forced through the central tube and down through the arms to form a group of bubbles. Tree perc is one of the most common percolators for bongs nowadays.

Showerhead Perc

The showerhead per is named in the way that it looks just like the shower head we use for the shower. This type of perc uses a tube attached to the main chamber that pushes the smoke up and through the larger tube and then pushes it down and out from a circular base with different sized slots or holes to maximize its diffusion.

Honeycomb Perc

The honeycomb perc gets many holes in the disk. They are flat and usually placed in pairs to form multiple chambers. The perc is parallel to the bottom of the dab rigs or bongs, helping them to direct bubbles into the chamber. The higher percolation a bong has, the more cooling and filtration you can enjoy.

Matrix Perc

A matrix percolator can really emphasize the beauty of your water bongs. They are usually cylindrical and located in the center of the base of the bong. The matrix perc has both vertical and horizontal slits, resulting in ultra high volume diffusion because the smoke can be separated from all the different directions.

How Does a Percolator Bong Work?

To use a percolator is the same as the other water bongs. You wrap the bowl with your favorite cannabis, and then light it up. When the herbs react with heat, the smoke enters the water through the downstem. Then you could pull it through to the mouthpiece. The perc will break down the bubbles, use the pressure to make them smaller and gives you a nice hit.

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