A oil burner bubbler is a type of water pipe, composed of three essential parts-the bowl, chamber and mouthpiece. Technically it works like a bong but it is made in much smaller size that brings users convenience and portability. A bubbler features a chamber with a percolator or diffuser. Bubblers have their own advantages and are slightly different from bongs. The flexibility of bubblers makes them an undeniably essential part for many smokers.

There are various styles of bubblers, such as hammer bubblers and mini bubblers. Bote manufactures both styles of bubblers. Wholesale is warmly welcome by us.

Mini oil burner bubbler

When you are looking for a small and discreet smoking device, we just have it in our product category for you. Our mini bubblers are perfectly suitable. Because of their small and pocket-friendly size(4",5",6",7",9" normally), they are easy to carry anywhere you want. Moreover, the mini bubblers can offer smokers similar comfort as bongs do, but in a much more portable package.

Material of oil burner bubbler

Bubblers are usually made of glass, but not just any glass. The bubblers will be exposed to extreme heat while working. Therefore, the bubblers shall be made out of high-quality, laboratory-grade glass material-borosilicate glass. Besides the advantage of heat resistance, this glass is also easy to customize and has a transparent appearance.

How does a oil burner bubbler work?

The bubbler is a simple and easy smoking device for users. The first step is to fill your bubbler with a bit of water and put your tobacco or herbs into the bowl. Make sure you fill the herbs in a loose way so that there comes better airflow and combustion. Secondly, put your mouth on the mouthpiece and lay your finger over the carb if there is one. And finally, ignite the herbs in the bowl, inhale the smoke, enjoy it and relax.

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