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Beaker Bongs Vs Straight Tube Bongs

Sep. 07, 2021

Beaker Bongs

Thick Beaker Bong

Do you want to know which Beaker Bongs or Straight Tube Bongs are best for you? Read on for more information about their different features and functions.

Beaker bongs


The bottom of the beaker bongs is much wider than the bar, which allows the tube to have a lower center of gravity. As a result, beaker bongs are very stable and less likely to tip over. This means less gun spillage and less breakage. Some people also suggest that beaker guns are easier to clean than straight tube guns.


The bottom of beaker bongs looks like the beakers you probably used in high school chemistry class, which is where the name comes from. Beaker bongs have either tapered or bubble-shaped tips, and come in a variety of styles and many different sizes. There is a wider variety of styles available for beaker bongs than for straight tube bongs.


In terms of functionality, beaker bongs offer a larger volume of smoke. Because of the larger chamber area, more smoke will collect before the bong is removed. This is very useful for experienced smokers but may not appeal to beginners. Because the surface area of the chamber in beaker bongs is larger compared to straight tube bongs, the bubbles created during inhalation are also larger. This creates more filtration, which produces smoother hits. In addition, beaker bongs produce less splashback than straight tube bongs.


Straight tube bongs


One of the biggest advantages of a straight pipe bong is its simplicity and efficiency. The smoker does not have to struggle to inhale to fill a straight pipe. Compared to a beaker bong, a glass bent pipe moves the smoke causing more resistance. And because the chamber is both narrow and evenly shaped, the amount of smoke drawn is often easier to control.


Straight tube bongs, as the name implies, consist of straight glass tubes attached to a glass base. Some believe that straight tube bongs have been around for centuries, suggesting that the word bong may be derived from the word 'baung', which refers to a straight cylindrical tube made of bamboo. In any case, most people think of straight tube bongs when describing the appearance of bongs, as the most classic style of the bong.


Straight tube bongs usually have an ice clamp and an additional filter to increase the cooling effect and additional filtering capacity. Many beaker bongs also have these functions, but straight tube bongs have more percolators because there is more space in the neck of the tube. Although Beaker bongs will produce larger bubbles, straight tube bongs will produce more bubbles because of the high position of the water in the chamber and tube. Therefore, straight tube bongs will produce a discernible grunt that smokers love.

After understanding the differences and advantages of Beaker Bongs and Straight Tube Bongs, you can choose the best smoke gun for you. In addition, Bote Glassware Co., Ltd. provides a variety of high-quality smoke guns, please contact us for more details.

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