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Do Dab Rigs Get You Higher Than Bongs?

Apr. 29, 2022

Do dab rigs get you higher than bongs?cid=2

Dab Rig

  • Are you looking for a unique way to smoke marijuana but not sure which solution to choose?

  • You're not sure if you should get a bong or adab rig and don't know which of the two is better?

  • You might think dab hits and bong hits are the same things?


If you're new to the weed world, I'm sure these questions have haunted you and left you wondering for a long time. It's important to choose a way to smoke weed that suits you and makes you more comfortable. And here we'll give you more insight and good advice on how to choose happiness.

Do dab rigs get you higher than bongs?cid=2

Percolator Bongs

First of all, what is Bong?

Bongs are one of the most traditional ways to smoke marijuana. There are many styles of bongs. But they are generally inconvenient to carry because the volume of bongs is larger than that of dab rigs. Suitable for use at home or at parties. A unique bong that will make you the center of attention when you line up.  it is generally necessary to place water into the pipe, and then pour the water a little above the percolator for use.  And after burning the weed, the substance inside passes through the water and filter to produce steam. Now, take a sip and you will feel what you want.


The bongs use the natural weed instead of concentrated waxes and oil. When smoking, you can smell the fragrance of lit dried weed flowers. It is worth mentioning that the feeling of smoking is different from roasting. Of course, this is not the most exciting stuff, but the most exciting is the lack of oxygen when you enjoy it. You will know.

 Do dab rigs get you higher than bongs?cid=2

Small Dab Rig

Next, what is dab rig?

If you don't know the 420 world, believe that you don't know much about dab rig either. Because dab rigs are new in the 420 world, they have only recently become popular. In general, the dab rig is the small glass bong. But in recent years, it has been designed in various shapes. some like pipes, some with weird appearances but with fantastic visual effects. So it's very portable, you can take it anywhere and enjoy it.


Using a dab rig is pretty convenient, it does not need you to carry 420 with you at all times. You only need to bring a bottle of wax or ointment refined from cannabis in your car. By heating the grease and taking a sip on the nozzle, it turns it into steam. Also quite comfortable.

 Do dab rigs get you higher than bongs?cid=2

Classic Dab Rig

Which one will make you higher?

Generally, novices will think that using a bong and using a dab rig is the same thing. While there are similarities between the two, such as the delivery of smoke or vapor into the lungs, there are some key differences.


Due to the small size of the dab rig, the fire source may be closer to the face when ignited. Generally, it is safer and more convenient to use oil or wax. And this wax and oil are concentrated from the essence of cannabis. Using a  dab rig can get you higher than using a bong. Because the extract is the most effective ingredient in the weed plant. And the remaining ingredients in the dried flower will only make you feel relaxed. Cannabis strains are about 15% potent, while waxes and oils are about 75% to 8% potent. There is no doubt which one will lead you to the top!


Of course, an excellent player in the 420 world will not miss trying any kind of utensils that can smoke cannabis. So it is recommended that novices can start smoking from bong first, and then use dab rig to experience a more peak experience! Hope you experience a more fantastic life in the smoke!


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