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Jan. 04, 2022

Mini Dab Rig


The last, better part of a decade has really seen more and more people get into concentrates. Before this, it was only folks on the West Coast and parts of British Columbia, people who knew what they were doing and had the right crops that could do extractions properly. But now concentrates are all mainstream and as a result, the glass industry has really boomed as more and more smokers want to know what the big deal about dabbing is. For the dabber, the ultimate tool is the concentrate rig as that is how they get the ultimate flavor and the ultimate high! You may think that a dab rig will work just like a standard water pipe does, but trust us when you tell you, once you have used a concentrate rig there is no going back!


Making Sure You Get The Best Flavor


Terpenes or if you are hip, terps are what people are talking about when it comes to the aromas and flavors of a plant. The idea of a really good dab rig is that you get the best flavor possible and this is done in a pretty simple way. The less water that your chosen vapor has to get through, the more diluted it is going to be. A smaller dab rig means less water which means a much richer flavor. In other words for a dabber who is all about that sweet flavor, a small rig is the way to go.


A Better Smoke


Before dabbing really hit the mainstream it was not uncommon for people to be using these huge beakers or really elaborate tubes with different arm percs and so on. While looking cool, these are the most inefficient way to smoke as you really have to work your lung power to clear which can lead to stale vapor which nobody wants, no quicker way to ruin a good sesh than with stale vapor! Many people call this dragging and we know that in an ideal world, we all want a drag free smoke.


Concentrate to be really appreciated need a drag free smoke. They need that more condensed kind of chamber that is going to make sure the vapor is going to get into your lungs with one breath. The size of a smaller concentrate rig makes this just so much easier and that is why more and more dabbers are going for these nano style concentrate rigs. There are of course some more fancy designs like the Faberge egg design which some people like. It is larger, still, offers you a nice rich flavor, but you have to expect to pay a more premium price for something like this.


Size Does Matter


Most glass companies these days are getting in on the nano rig game. That is because they are just so awesome. To start with the smaller stature of these things (sometimes as small as just two and a half inches) means that the vapor gets into your lungs in the most streamlined manner possible. Dabbers have really taken to these smaller rigs and if you want to get the best possible smoke, with the best flavor, you have to consider getting a nano concentrate rig.


So unless you are going to be doing those crazy 1+ gram dabs, opt for a smaller rig for the best flavor and experience. Remember it's not smoke but vapor, so the larger the rig the more the vapor will condense back to a solid and that nice juicy dab will turn into reclaim that is stuck to your glass or drowning in the water.


Bote know that you dabbers will just fall in love with a nano rigs so if you want something that is small in size, but offers a high flavor punch, let us know and we can help you out. 

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