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Water Bong vs Bubbler,Which Is The Better?

Oct. 12, 2021

Water Bong

Many people don't know the difference between a water bong and a bubbler, this article will help you to solve this problem. Read on for more information.


What Is a Water Bong?

Every bong has some basic elements that make it a bong: a bowl, a water-filled chamber at the bottom, a downward sloping stem, a percolator, a neck, and a spout. In its most basic form, it is a cylindrical glass tube with a stem. The size and shape of the bong, the number of percolators, and their different styles all contribute to creating a unique smoking experience.

There are many ways to describe a bong, but the simplified description is that a bong is a larger smoking pipe that filters and cools your hits with water. A bong is generally much larger and more durable than a bubbler and is ideal for smoking at home. Its wide base allows you to place it on your coffee table and prevents it from tipping over.

The operation of a bong is not new, a similar system can be found in hookahs, which are very common in Eastern countries. To the inexperienced smoker, bongs may not seem to make much difference, but their unique feature is that the smoke you inhale passes through water. Many people think that smoking with a bong is better than regular unfiltered tobacco, because the water absorbs many carcinogens and toxins, making the hits less harsh.

Overall, a glass water bong is ideal for people at home or for those who want to relax after a long day at work. If you are a regular smoker or need a strong experience, the bong is for you.


What Is a Bubbler?

As the name suggests, a bubbler is a smoking device (similar to a bong) that uses water to create bubbles and filter the smoke.  A bubbler can be much smaller than a bong, but larger than a dry hand pipe. It is designed to be comfortable to hold while smoking, easier to handle, can be housed in smaller spaces, and is more portable than water pipes.

The bubbler usually has a curved or straight neck, stylish mouthpieces, and a variety of body shapes and sizes. Like the bong, the bubbler offers several advantages to enhance the smoking experience, but unlike the hookah, the bubbler can have a fixed head or a polished joint that can be used with interchangeable heads or nails.

The bubbler is most popular with novice smokers or those looking for a discreet and versatile smoking experience. There are countless designs and looks to choose from.


Who Needs a Bubbler?

Because a bubbler is smaller than a glass bong, it takes less time for the glassblower to make it. This makes them cheaper and a popular choice for people who are starting to smoke glass pipes or who want to give up joints.

If you're looking for easy handling, or if you're always on the go and want something you can make both dabs and bowls with, then a bubbler is perfect for you.



Which Is The Best For You?

With bubblers and Water bongs having similar benefits, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. So let's take a closer look at the subtle differences between bongs and bubblers, such as cleaning process, price, use, and size.


The Cleaning Process

Many smokers complain that water bongs are difficult to clean, especially if they are larger in size or have multiple complex filters. When cleaning water bongs, you will definitely need a set of resolution cleaning caps, more cleaning solutions, and have to deal with more parts. However, due to their size, glass bubblers are much easier to clean. You can simply soak them in a bag filled with salt and isopropyl alcohol or your favorite glass cleaner.


The Price

If the cheap price is an important factor in your buying process, then the bubbler may be a better option than exciting glass bongs. Water bongs may not be the cheaper option due to their larger size and the greater likelihood of adding extra filters, accessories, and exciting glass colors. Science bubbler designs are simpler and minimal but powerful designs that are cheaper than bongs with multiple parts and accessories.



People love bubbles because they are portable and can be used discreetly. If you like to camp or like to smoke outdoors when you're on the road, then a bubbler is a perfect choice. Don't get us wrong, bongs can also be great to carry on a trip.



Glass bongs come in a variety of sizes up to six feet high or more. Depending on their size, bongs can hold more water, produce a bigger hit and support a wide range of smoking accessories.


So now that you understand the different benefits offered by bubblers and vapes, you are ready to choose the right one when it comes to your next glass pipe purchase. Bote Glassware Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of water bongs and bubblers, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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