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Glass Bong: A Practical Guide To Use

Sep. 21, 2021

Glass Bong: A Practical Guide To Use

Glass bongs have long been the tool of choice for many connoisseurs of dried herbs. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials. Read on for more information on how to use them properly.


How do I use a glass bong?

1. Remove the bowl-shaped piece and fill your bong with fresh (and cold) water through the lower stem. The water level should be slightly above the bottom of the lower stem and always below the connection point between the base and the lower stem. Grind dry herbs for the most effective smoking effect. It is not necessary to grind too finely when using your smoker; if you do not have a grinder, just mash the herbs by hand.

2. Fill a bowl with dried herbs. Bowls vary in size, I prefer smaller bowls for singles, but if you don't want to load it every time, larger ones work better. You can press the bowl slightly with your hand so you don't lose any herbs, but don't press it too tightly either.

3. To get a smoother hit, put a few ice cubes around your neck if your bong is designed to catch them.

4. Slide the bowl piece into your downswing. On some cheaper bongs, the downstem is attached to the bowl piece, so you must load it as you attach it. Sidenote: Glass-on-glass downstems and bowls are great because of their quality, availability, and customization options. In addition, if you have an unfortunate accident, it is easy to replace or replace either part.

5. After completing the initial tap and pull, remove the bowl piece and accelerate the pull slightly to clear the smoke from the bottom and neck.

6. Inhale slowly as you burn the dry herb. Once lit or "cherry-picked", you can remove the heat from the dry herbs while continuing to burn. Tip: Use only enough heat or flame to move the heat through the herbs. You do not need to keep a flame on them. 7.

7. If you wish, hold the smoke for as long as possible before exhaling.

8. We recommend changing your tap water frequently. Unpleasant smelling tap water can easily spoil a delicious meal - don't let it get in the way of enjoying your delicious herbs.

9. If your bowl is finished, use a small tool such as a paperclip to clean it up. You can always flip the bowl over and draw any leftovers into the water. However, your tap water will get dirty faster using this method.

10. Now that the bong is loaded and ready to go, grab a heating device. This can range from a simple lighter to a ceramic heating element. If you want an effective but economical option, go to your local hardware store and purchase a soldering iron with a removable tip. Most will have a ceramic heating element underneath this metal tip, perfect for burning smoothly on dry herbs.


Glass Bong: A Practical Guide To Use

Precautions for using the glass bong

1. Pull the bowl immediately after lighting it and repack the bowl with the bottom end of the lighter to prevent unwanted herb burning.

2. Do not use too much water - keep the water level slightly above the bottom of the lower lever (at all angles).

3. Get a big hit by pulling slowly or even.

4. If you can't clear the bong completely, cover the top with your hand so the smoke doesn't dissipate and finish when you're ready.

5. Remember to leave room in the lungs to clear the bottom. For unfamiliar bongs, start small - the basic size can be deceptive.

6. Keep the bowl piece clean. If residue builds up, your herb will taste bad and it will be hard to get a strong stream.

7. Throw a few ice cubes at the neck for an extra smooth hit.

8. Change your tap water often. It tastes bad and if you do have an accident and splash old water on the carpet or couch, you'll never be able to smell it.

9. Never leave stale fumes at the base or neck. If you can't get it done fast enough, remove the bowl and blow through the downstem to get rid of those nasty, stale fumes.


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