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How To Pick The Right Glass Bong

Dec. 14, 2021

pick the right glass bong

Things to consider before buying a bong or water pipe:

  • Flowers or concentrate? If you're a dry herb enthusiast, you'll want a bowl; dabbers need a nail to get lifted. If you're into both, consider a piece with an unattached downstem to adapt to all that the good plant has to offer. If you're looking for glass for dabbing; shop our dab rigs.

  • Size matters. Glass bongs come in 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint sizes. Not *those* joints; we're talking the glass pieces that connect the various parts of the pipe, and to make things more interesting, glass joints can be either male or female. Add in the many types of percolators, and the permutations for your new pipe are endless!

  • Glass can break. That's why Smoke Cartel offers the GlassGuard Guarantee. Protect your piece! 

  • Cleaning. Nothing good lasts forever. How easy is the piece to clean? Check out our cleaning guide to know what to look for.

8" Classic Beaker Bong BT1517


11" Percolator Bong BT1106


7.5" Dab Rig BT4403                  


15.5" Thick Beaker Bong BT1540      


 5.5" Mini Dab Rig BT4409       


12" Classic Beaker Bong BT1526      


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