Dab Rigs


7.5" Dab Rig BT4403


Material3.5mm Borosilicate glass
ColorBlack/Teal/Light Blue/Milk Blue
Base Width3.9"
Tube Width24mm
Joint14mm Female

This rig is a simple, classic design. Available in black, teal, light blue, and milk blue! As it is mostly clear, it's easy to tell when your dab rigs need cleaning. Although it is clear, there are popular colors mixed to keep the rig stylish. As solid daily driver, this rig provides optimal resistance and control to take a long tasty dab that will not clog at all. It's factory price for wholesale now!

Dab Rigs Wholesale

Before dab rigs wholesale, the manufacturer of dab rigs has completed dab rigs function and effectiveness tests. Sell our rag drilling rigs in your shop at a surprisingly low price and make a considerable profit. We set prices for all wholesale products to sell quickly and beat the competition.

You can here to dab rigs wholesale various designs and shapes. these have been proven to be available for sale in your store. there is no doubt that this has been confirmed.

Whether you are looking for dab rigs wholesale, or want to fill the store shelves with unique dab rigs wholesale, we can provide you with high-quality dab rigs at competitive prices. Buying dab rigs for the store is different from buying your own dab rigs. Not only must you make sure that they are beautiful, but you can also withstand the use of customers. We can easily find the equipment you need at a price so that you can still make a substantial profit.

You need the quality and quantity of dab rigs wholesale

When you Dab rigs wholesale, you need to ensure that you get the right products at the right price and in the right quantity to meet customer needs. All of our Dab rigs are made of high-quality materials, such as borosilicate glass, which is made by experienced craftsmen to create attractive and practical designs, each of which is proud of our personal collection Of the tube.

Dab rigs that customers like

Over the years, many changes have taken place in the dab rigs wholesale industry, but we still like high-quality dab rigs and shops that sell dab rigs. Just select the dab rigs wholesale that can be provided to our customers, and we will pack it safely for transportation and delivery to you. After you get them, you only need to unpack and set a price for dab rigs to provide customers with the best quality dab rigs.

The Advantages of Dab Rigs

Safety: Unlike self-made dab rigs, a well-designed rig can ensure your safety. After all, that’s fire and heat you are playing with.

Size: Most dab rigs are smaller than the normal water bongs. You can easily carry it with you when you travel.

Flavor: The small compact dab rig does not only maintain milky and condensed steam but also  keeps the flavor and potency at the same time.

If you are interested in our dab rigs, please contact us, this will be your first step towards profitability!dab rigs wholesale

dab rigs wholesale

dab rigs wholesale

dab rigs wholesale

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