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Why Clean The Glass Pipe?

Jun. 11, 2021

Why Clean The Glass Pipe?

The most obvious answer to this question is that when you use a glass pipe to smoke cannabis—whether it's a water pipe, a handheld pipe, or something in between—it becomes very dirty. We don't know what you think, but we totally like that clean pipes are fresher and more elegant than dirty pipes.

But in addition to appearance, cleaning your glass pipes regularly can also ensure that your work performs best. When there is dust and residue in your pipe, your pipe will become clogged, and it will generally be more difficult for smoke to pass through this device. This means that when you have a dirty pipe, you will not get as much smoke, and the smoke is not as clean as a clean pipe.

At this point, dirty pipes can easily catch fire. More specifically, the residue can easily catch fire. When a large amount of residue, ashes, and partially burned cannabis accumulate in your pipe, if it comes into contact with fire, it is in danger of being ignited (you have to light your fresh cannabis with a fire).

From our experience, inhaling the residue of a burning pipe is not a pleasant experience. It is pungent to your throat, tastes disgusting, and poses some health risks. First, if your pipe residue catches on fire, it may burn your hands or mouth. In addition, the ashes and residues of burning cannabis contain carcinogens, which are inhaled when you smoke from a dirty pipe.

So in addition to health, safety and appearance, there is a more important reason why you should keep cleaning your cannabis pipe-it tastes better! Yes, it is that simple! But for those who like to smoke cannabis, it is very important. When your pipe is clean, you can properly taste the quality of the strain you use, not to mention without ash and residue impairing the smoke's ability to travel, you will get a stronger and clearer orgasm!

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