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How Much Does A Beaker Bong Cost?

Dec. 24, 2021

Classic Beaker Bong

The cost of beaker bongs depends on several factors: material, thickness, design, size, and brand.

Price based on the thickness


Beaker bongs thickness ranges from 4mm-8mm. A 4mm beaker bong can range between $80 to almost $100. If you prefer a stronger bong (9mm-12mm thick), be prepared to shell out as much as $ 180.

Prize for size/height


A small-sized or mini beaker bong (between 3-6 inches) can cost around $15-$35 dollars. This is good if you are always on the go. Just don’t expect to do much accessorizing with your mini bong as the size limits your customization. Taller ones (12 inches above) usually start at around $40-$50. The larger your beaker bong, the better the options to personalize.

Cost on joint size


Small-jointed bongs (10mm) are around $40-$50. Large sizes of up to 18mm are available for $25-$300. Larger joints are typically high-priced because you’ll be able to do a number of customizations to your beaker bong. Aside from that, big-jointed bongs are more accessible to fix when the bowl breaks.

Thick Beaker Bong

Price for material


Beaker bongs come in different materials. Glass beaker bongs are more common since they offer a cleaner, cooler smoking experience. They range from $60-$180, depending on the design, size, and thickness.


Silicone beaker bongs are perfect for you if you are the clumsy one, or often on the go. Made of food-grade BPA-free material, silicone bongs are great for storing your concentrates. They range from $60-$80.


Bamboo bongs, or primitive bongs, run parallel to glass bongs in terms of flavor and smoking experience. Virtually almost indestructible, bamboo bongs range from $16-$180. The downside is that you cannot personalize your bamboo bong.


Ceramic bongs also provide a clean smoking experience as with glass. Commonly used by artisans, but only for special occasions. Highly fragile, the ceramic beaker bong on average is around $30-$200.


Thick Beaker Bong

Worth of brands

There are many brands to choose from, but one of the most popular ones is Diamond Glass. This brand is known for its premier glass material and craftsmanship. They cost around $120-$160, but some designs can go up to $250 or more. If you are after durability, though, AMG is also good. Price ranges from $110-$160, with most users attesting to its sleek, yet sturdy design. Other brands like Glassheads, Blacksheep, and Dangeek go for $60-$200. If you are looking for a combination of high quality and low price, then we recommend BOTE Beaker Bongs, click here to browse our hot products!

Other types of bong prices will depend on the functionality and ease of use. Most beaker bongs match their functionality and design for the value of your money. It never hurts to invest as your smoking experience will vary on every model.

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